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Fitness Tracks

When we thought about who a fit learning professional would be, we thought of 8 key areas and we called them Fitness Tracks. These fitness tracks were selected based on research, feedback and our own experience in the learning field. They also range across the different functions and focus areas of learning professionals – from diagnosing to designing to delivering to evaluating learning sessions.

Workout Formats

Our objective is to provide learning professionals with different options to get learning fit. If we think about physical fitness, there’s no one universal workout that works for everyone. We extended that principle into the learning space and have therefore developed different options.

About Us

Why The Learning Gym? We thought long hard about what to name our company and finally hit upon a name which brought together two things we are passionate about – learning and fitness.

Our Focus

Upskilling learning professionals

Our focus is upskilling learning professionals – it’s that simple. Learning professionals are often busy focusing on the needs of their learners, and their challenge is finding the time and the right tools for their own learning. This was the primary reason for the creation of The Learning Gym.

Our Founders

Bringing together learning and fitness

So, who would come up with this idea? Meet Melanie Martinelli and Shilpa Subramaniam – the two founders of The Learning Gym. We both come from a design and facilitation background and have more than thirty years of combined experience in the learning space. We’re also fitness enthusiasts!

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Our fitness track partners are those we have a strategic collaboration with, in order to bring you some of our workouts.

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