Get learning fit!

Workout Formats

Our objective is to provide learning professionals with different options and tools to get learning fit. If we think about physical fitness, there’s no one universal workout that works for everyone. We extended that principle into the learning space and have therefore developed different workout formats for you to flex, tone and build some learning muscles! All of workouts can be run in the virtual or face-to-face environment.

Warm-up Sessions

These include roundtables, webinars and taster sessions where we give you a sneak peek into a fitness track – we introduce a concept and/or delve into 1-2 key aspects.

Learn more about our flagship warm-up sessions:

Introduction to The New World Kirkpatrick Four Levels®
The 8 Principles of Accelerated Learning
Introduction to High Performance Learning Journeys

Power Workouts

These activity-based and learner-driven sessions delve deep into one specific topic and ensure skill development.

Learn more about our flagship power workouts:

Climbing the Virtual Training Mountain
Tackle The Tech
Strategic L&D Planning
Facilitate with Stories
Flexing Your Virtual Training Presence
Unbox the Facilitator in You

Certificate & Certification Programs

Personal Coaching / Design Consulting

This is consulting (for individuals or organizations) on any of our fitness tracks. We bring our expertise in the field of learning and development to help you solve your specific learning challenges. Whether this is in the form of design consulting on your overall design approach in your team, or for specific learning projects. Personal coaching can also be individual based where we can assess your learning fitness and provide you with coaching.

Open Gym

How can you tell which format works the best for you?

Here are some parameters to consider – your specific learning purpose, the time you have available to invest and level of existing learning fitness (experience in the field).

Write in to us with your learning needs!

Get Learning Fit!