There’s so much more to the New World Kirkpatrick Model than evaluation. Evaluation is a critical element, the ability to demonstrate how our learning programs contribute to an organisations performance and results, however, to get to the evaluation part we must first create the value.


In unpacking the New World Model I tend to see three distinct phases. The three phases are what happens before any learning takes place, what happens during the learning and then what’s required back in the workplace after any learning. If our programs are to be successful, we must spend time and effort in each of these, and the more we can do before and after the learning the better, this is where the value is really created.




I hope by reviewing each of the articles, you can see the real value of the model. It’s not just an evaluation model but a complete change and project management model.

It focuses on creating value, by aligning learning to organisational direction and stakeholder expectations and supporting and monitoring performance changes in the workplace, and then demonstrating the value by uncovering the truth of what is really happening in the workplace and adjusting accordingly.

If you can follow the model in this way, then stand up and take a bow as you will have moved from being a learning and development professional to being a learning and performance professional and this is where your organisation will really want you to be.

Yes, Kirkpatrick is an evaluation model, but it is so much more, it is a pathway to move from delivering learning to one of becoming a true strategic partner with your organisation where you can really demonstrate your value in contributing to the ultimate reasons your organisation exists, providing better outcomes for patients, keeping borders safe, bringing the bad guy to justice, providing greater shareholder value, helping others in the community, innovating the future, whatever your organisation exists to do.

Please reach out if you have any questions or comments on this series and I hope they of value to you – thanks. You can contact us here.

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