Promote International, recently conducted a survey to gain insights into the implementation of High-Performance Learning Journeys (HPLJ) after completing the Champion certificate level. The survey was sent out to the certified HPLJ community, and 19% of them responded. The survey reported 3 key findings and observations:

  • HPLJ is a relevant and applicable methodology.
  • There is a continued trend towards more virtual sessions.
  • The barriers and obstacles to overcome when implementing the HPLJ methodology.

The survey aimed to investigate the use, design, and implementation of HPLJ in L&D initiatives after completing the Champion certificate level. Most of the respondents (91.5%) applied their learning when designing and implementing L&D initiatives, and over half (53%) used the HPLJ approach on several occasions. The methodology was found to be relevant and applicable to a wide range of L&D initiatives, including leadership, executive development, management and supervisory skills, sales, project management, technical training, and on-boarding. The survey also revealed a decrease in face-to-face training requests and an increase in virtual instructor-led sessions, which indicates ongoing trends.

The results showed that manager engagement is still regarded as the greatest hurdle to implementing HPLJ, followed by the challenge of stretching the learning journeys. The lack of understanding by managers and other key stakeholders about the benefits of longer learning journeys and the preference for short, hard-hitting initiatives is a major obstacle. Additionally, there is still a lack of awareness of Learning Journeys outside of the L&D community, and L&D is not seen as a decisive factor in bringing about business results. This highlights the need for more work to convince organisations of the relevance of the HPLJ approach and its value.

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