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The learning to performance path, most often contains quite a few road blocks. Designing learning journeys as opposed to learning events are seen as one solution to overcome some of these road blocks. However, a significant percentage of learning even from learning journeys, gets filtered into scrap learning (learning that is delivered but not applied back on the job). What gets learnt in the classroom doesn’t always get translated into behavioural change, and that can be a challenge because there is so much scrap learning that is generated.

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We bring you the Brinkerhoff Certification – for High Performance Learning Journeys® in partnership with Promote International. The focus of this certification is on designing learning journeys geared towards converting learning to on-the-job performance. This innovative program builds on Prof. Brinkerhoff’s previous work – integrating performance improvement concepts, practical applications of the 70-20-10 concept, and fundamental learning theories into a unique learning experience for each participant.

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