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Technology has found many an inroad into the learning space. While one could view technology as a distraction from learning, we believe that technology can be leveraged to create more effective learning or higher performance. Those who have bought into the premise soon find that there are an overwhelming range of choices out there, and this could be a deterrent.

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Technology can be a wonderful support in making learning stick. The ideas is not just to use technology to repeat/replace classroom learning, but to use it to augment classroom learning with the right mix of pre and post workshop elements. Ranging from micro-learning to mobile learning to learning platforms, we offer workshops and consulting on why and how technology can support us. What you get is concrete tips on making content available in the moment, and how to use technology for achieve that objective. We also offer workshops on understanding and using Promote®, a learning transfer platform which facilitates focused on-the-job experience sharing throughout a learning journey. The Promote® workshops are brought to you in partnership with Promote International.

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