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Engages Relevant Stakeholders Early On

In order for any learning intervention to be successful, it’s imperative to not just engage our key stakeholders but to get them involved early in the process. All learning professionals want/need to be seen as credible by our business stakeholders and need to clearly show the value that we’re bringing to the business. It’s not always clear when and how this stakeholder engagement needs to be initiated and maintained.

Our Workout Tools

With more than three decades of combined experience in the learning field, we’ve engaged with a multitude of business stakeholders to design and deliver effective learning interventions. We offer workshops which build a deeper understanding of when and how to engage stakeholders in your learning interventions. The focus is on moving from “want” based requests to “need” based training requests, using influencing skills, diagnostic skills, business language and the Kirkpatrick mindset of starting with the end in mind. These workshops will be skill development oriented – and we use the Forum Theatre (actor based) methodology to fine tune these skills.

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