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As learning professionals, we often fall into the trap of “getting through all our program content”. The focus tends to be less on creating learner-driven environments and more on just delivering content. Often, we’ve heard from learning professionals that you’re unsure after a session about how much of the learning will be retained and more importantly used by your learners? It’s about finding that balance between letting your learners create/discover knowledge and your inputs as subject matter experts – and that’s not always an easy balance to find.

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Through our partnership with the Center For Accelerated Learning, we bring you the Accelerated Learning (A.L.) methodology. A.L. is an innovative teaching and learning method. It’s a total system for speeding and enhancing both the design process and the learning processes. The focus of the entire methodology is a learner-oriented approach when designing a learning intervention. Based on the latest brain research, it has proven again and again to increase learning effectiveness while saving time and money in the process. We offer certifications on becoming an Accelerated Learning Certified Facilitator and an Accelerated Learning Certified Course Designer.

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