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Irrespective of how many years you’ve been in this field, we believe that an important question to ask is – is my method of facilitating/training/teaching based largely on my one preferred style/preference? An effective learning intervention depends as much on the delivery as it does on the design. And our delivery needs to be agile to create the most optimal impact for our learners.

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Every learning professional has “presence” in the training/class room, however, the key is in using that presence to create the right impact for your learners.

Our workshops are centred around helping you recognize your natural presence when delivering trainings/lessons and discover what you can do to create an even more powerful impact in the room. We offer Facilitation Fundamentals (for those newer to the field) and Deliver with Impact (for those more experienced), to develop the skills to deliver with agility to create an impact with your learning interventions.

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