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Creates Experiential Learning Environments

Learning professionals use activities in their training programs in order create engagement and break the ice, among other reasons. The challenge sometimes lies in finding the right activity/ game for the right topic and not re-using the same activity for every topic. Additionally, it’s only with a powerful debrief that we can use the same activity/game to bring about powerful learning.

Our Workout Tools

In partnership with one of the foremost names in training games and activities, Metalog® training tools, we offer a variety of programs helping you turn games into high impact interventions. Metalog creates multifaceted interaction activities and learning projects for indoor and outdoor use. The simplicity of these games coupled with the power of their debrief makes for creating a fun, experiential learning environment. We also offer Metalog workshops which fuse solution-focused and systemic concepts with experiential learning methods, resulting in the emergence of “EOL – Experience-Oriented Learning” methods.


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